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Wudang finishes farm house treatment task ahead of schedule

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-11-18


Farm houses in Wudang district are turned into homestays to generate extra income for locals. [Photo/WeChat Account of Wudang district]

Wudang district in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, recently completed its annual goal for farm house treatment.

According to the plan, Wudang has taken measures such as complying with laws and regulations for newly-built houses, comprehensively upgrading existing farm houses, and revitalizing and utilizing idle farm houses.

Since the beginning of this year, Wudang has cracked down on illegal occupation of cultivated land and illegal construction of houses in rural areas.

Newly-built farm houses are constructed in strict accordance with the approved general atlas of rural houses, and the overall style of rural houses is strictly controlled.

This year, 64 homesteads were approved, covering an area of 10.93 mu (0.73 hectares) and housing 231 people.


Exterior wall of a farm house in Wudang is repainted with Chinese slogans. [Photo/WeChat Account of Wudang district]

Idle farm houses have been rented out to market entities or individuals for revitalization.

Idle homesteads in superior locations have been introduced to market entities to develop and revitalize.

Unused homesteads have been dismantled to resume farming, in a bid to eliminate potential safety hazards.

At present, Wudang has completed the planning of 47 villages and completed the renovation of 1,050 farm houses.

Moreover, a total of 40 farm houses have been utilized for homestays, tofu workshops and supermarkets, increasing farmer incomes by 1.74 million yuan ($248,216.83) and creating jobs for 120 people.


Farm houses in Wudang district are turned into homestays to generate extra income for locals. [Photo/WeChat Account of Wudang district]


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