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Weiming International School (Guiyang)

Updated: 2019-08-19

Established by the Beijing Weiming Education Group in 2011, the Weiming International School (Guiyang) in Wudang district is a high-quality private school offering elementary education, junior high school education, high school education, and international education. The school has three campuses, covering a total area of 11.06 hectares and a building area of 78,000 square meters. It has more than 5,000 students in 2019 with 458 Chinese and foreign faculty members.

The school consists of the administrative office area, an art center, a science and technology center, teaching areas, and the international education area built in accordance with standards of international schools. It boasts well-equipped facilities, including over 80 multimedia classrooms, 15 scientific laboratories, 16 art classrooms, a 400 meter athletic track and field stadium, a 1,500 square meter indoor gymnasium, a 600 square meter multi-purpose auditorium, a 500 square meter international library, eight basketball courts, one football field, one canteen, student apartments, and a large laundry room.

The elementary school offers two levels of education at different campuses. The lowest level of the school's elementary education is centered on international education, with 26 teaching classes and international classes in the first to fourth grades. Its contact number is +86-851-88502201.

The highest level elementary education focuses on traditional culture of China with 31 classes and international classes from the first to sixth grades. Its contact number is +86-851-88517555.

The school's middle and high school education strives to create a museum-like campus environment. It has 66 classes in six grades -- the first grade of middle school to the third grade of high school. The school also offers international high school education. Its contact number is +86-851-86404001.

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