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Wudang District

Updated: 2023-04-11


Wudang district in Guiyang [Photo/gzwd.gov.cn]

Covering a total area of 686 square kilometers, Wudang district boasts outstanding ecological resources with 52.13 percent of forest coverage and over 90 percent of good and excellent air quality days each year. The average temperature of the district is 14.6 C. It has karst landform, rich biodiversity, abundant geothermal resources, and beautiful mountains and waters. In addition, the district is famous for its abundant historical and cultural heritage sites and unique ethnic group folk activities. 

The district has a superior traffic network with convenient and easy access to its airport, expressways, high-speed railways and urban trunk roads.

Bringing ecological and health industries together, the district has been developing massive health, big data and tourism as its three major industries.

Adhering to the concept of green development, Wudang district has seized those opportunities in Guizhou province to improve its infrastructure and urban and rural appearance, diversify its industrial businesses, and boost sustained and healthy economic and social development.

Wudang has reportedly achieved the goals it set out for 2022 in terms of improving the quality of life and standard of living of its residents.

These included improvements to the system for boosting employment and entrepreneurship, resulting in 6,016 people finding jobs in urban areas and 2,317 people getting employed in rural areas.

In addition, the urban registered unemployment rate in Wudang district was controlled to within 5 percent.


Duzhai in Wudang district [Photo/gzwd.gov.cn]


Longjiao in Wudang district [Photo/gzwd.gov.cn]

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